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Toward the Future: The Foundation

The Web PYC - Pagbilao, Quezon Chapter

In recent years, Parish Youth Committee (PYC) - Pagbilao, Quezon Chapter pioneer members have finally woken up to the fact that the not-for-profit youth led religious and community organization under of Parish Pastoral Council(PPC) recognized by Roman Catholic Church and of course our local government here in Philippines isn’t just there for the development aspects of the youth such as social, emotional, intellectual, moral, and faith dimensions but also to spread their wings into community development work and social entrepreneurship

According to polls, the number of people in Pagbilao, Quezon Province who say:

’The youth of pagbilao have so many potentials and unfathomed capabilities for the needed leaps and bounds progress of the municipality. Take for example the youth fishermen in Bantigue to where, through the mentoring of their elders, in a cooperative model, the young crabs they catched were not being sold but nursed in a common nursery-fispond they collectively constructed. In effect, they create sustainability for their livelihood. Besides being God fearing, peace loving and joyous people, the youth of Pagbilao is appreciative and willing to learn particularly on endeavors that are beneficial to the community. What they need now are mentors on community development work and social entrepreneurship.’

That’s true even the youth in Pagbilao said:

’Parish Youth Committee - Pagbilao, Quezon Chapter are number 1 choice of youth led organization that they willing to join because they helping youth to their development aspects and even they're under of Roman Catholic Parish Church, they not engage, advocate, support or practice discrimination based on race, religion, age, national origin, language, sex, sexual preference, or any physical handicap.’

However, the creation of Foundation isn’t easy, their are many things to be done, we’re no idea when in will fulfill. But we’re hoping with the help of GOD, supporters and youth members out there -The Big Dream will come true!

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